Breaking Ground

Work continues on the full redesign here at IgnisArt.  My main site is coming along nicely and just needs content worked in.  It’s been browser cross tested in the following applications so far: IE 5.5, IE6.0, IE7.0, IE 8.0, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, KMeleon, and Avant.  Whew! Only a web designer would be crazy enough to have that many browsers installed on their system(s). I’ll be sorting through the ghosts of projects past over the next week or so to choose what will be showcased in the Artwork and Web Design sections.

Things have been extremely busy for me lately, which has in fact been part of the impetus for changing the site in the first place.  My old design was beautiful but took longer to update, and right now ease of use and speed in content managing are my main focus.

The new site, like the old, makes use of PHP, CSS, HTML, and artistic imagery, but this time around the site will draw much more heavily on the CSS and PHP to streamline.  I’m also using the wonderful tool – WordPress – to manage this blog.  I’ve been extremely impressed with it so far as I’m going through the back end and customizing.  It’s easy to use and allows as much customization as you want. 

That’s all for now.  If you’re poking about the site for the next few weeks there might be times things seem a bit off, or it looks like something is missing.  It’s all just part of the redesign process!  Soon the site will be full and ready and all will be well.