Web Design & Development

Just the art

GUI Design Template (provided in Adobe Photoshop layer format) for you to create from. Other template formats are available, but Photoshop is the standard.

Just the code

A fully functional website can be created using your own provided graphic mockup. I am able to accept mockups in almost any graphic format. All sites are XHTML and CSS driven.

The works

Full design, web development & coding services. Project will begin with GUI design and template approval and proceed to fully functional coding. All sites are XHTML and CSS driven.


If you have an existing site that is loading slowly, is too bulky, or the code is causing some browsers to crash, it can be optimized to maintain it's current look and feel with increased speed, efficiency, and cross-browser compatibility. Contact me for details.


Help and guidance for your do-it-yourself web projects. Whether you can't afford to have a site custom made for you, or simply prefer a more hands on approach, sometimes you run into snags. If all you need is a nudge in the right direction, or a little help on that particularly irritating code issue - we can help.


Because accessibility considerations do effect design options, it is important to know up front if there are any particular accessibility concerns so that they can be incorporated into the design process.

Your target audience will be the guide as to how much, or how little, emphasis you place on accessibility. In general, full accessibility should be your goal, but if there are features you want in a site design that are important to your target demographic, or design elements that are essential to you, it is important to realize that some accessibility may be sacrificed.

Accessibility covers a broad spectrum of possible considerations such as: color blindness, blindness (screen readers), low vision, deafness, epilepsy, users who may be viewing or accessing the site through a text only interface or without a mouse, people using a slow internet connection, search engines & web crawlers, and people who disable website scripts from running.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Current search engine optimization techniques are used for all sites. It's important to note, however, that the longevity of your site (length of time it has been online), quality of content, and associations with other quality sites plays a considerable role in search engine rankings.

Everything will be done to maximize your site's ability to be read and ranked by search engines, but that alone is not a guarantee of top billing in the search engine of your choice.

If you are very serious about your product or service, we recommend you consider purchasing Google and/or Yahoo Add words and that you develop relationships with others in your industry online. Relationships should be quality ones - other sites in good standing with real and useful content related to yours. Link banks and random link backs are rarely effective methods to increase search engine rankings.