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    For reasons I still
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    my web provider had
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    I got tired of trying to
    get them to respond
    and just wiped it out
    and restarted.

    It's been too long.

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    David Soucek

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    Julia Huggins info
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Camden House, 1904
Camden House

The Complete Sherlock Holmes
Illustrated with the original artwork

Pinacotheca Holmesiana
The largest collection of Holmesian graphics online

Phonotheca Holmesiana
Sounds from various adaptations of the Canon

St. James’s Hall
Music, musicians and composers in the Canon

Beyond The Gaslight
The non-Canonical Tales

A Large Tin Box
Miscellany for Windows – wallpapers and screensavers

Epistolary - Scholars Wing
Essays and articles of Sherlockian interest.

Dorak’s General Store
No longer the only Czech Holmesian site, but still the first.

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