Announcing Little Girl Q!

Our Little Girl Q brand is going to launch very, very soon. We can hardly wait! If you are the mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparent, godfather, godmother, or friend of an amazing little girl aged 0 to 5 then you are exactly who Little Girl Q is for. Little Girl Q Illustrations When I had my daughter I couldn't wait to decorate her nursery! Sadly, what I found was that the selection for girls is limited at best and pigeonholed at worst. Pink ruffles, princess themes, and ballerinas are wonderful but they don't tell the whole story. A girl can be more! Inspired by my beautiful new addition, I set out to create what was missing - artwork of little girls accomplishing goals and living their dreams. This is for all the aspiring little heroes, mechanics, scientists, cowgirls, musicians, and so on out there being your adorable authentic selves. Little Girl Q is a subsidiary brand of IgnisArt Creative Design devoted to artwork and decor encouraging girls to be themselves. This is for all the little heroes, scientists, cowgirls, programmers, and artists. Girls dream big!

By any other name

There is a new design agency online using our IgnisArt name. As they are located in Russia there isn't much we can do about this except clarify for our customers.
  • is not affiliated with IgnisArt Creative Design.
  • They are not using the name with permission.
  • Their branding is a little bit different.
  • They do seem to offer similar services, which if they were in the U.S. would allow us to take legal action.
I can't vouch for their services, and there was a significant uptick in attempted hacks on this domain name in the year leading up to their launch. Use your own discretion.

Spring Cleaning – a bit late

I think I've forgotten what a blog is really for. This poor site has suffered much neglect over the years as I give all my attention to clients and nearly none to myself. We'll see if I can really change that old habit. Organizing I've been pushing around pages and content all day to tidy up the site. It doesn't match all the sketches and planning documents strewn about my desk - yet, but it will. New Stuff So much has changed since my original vision for IgnisArt. I've grown. My skills have grown, and more importantly, my connections have grown. We can offer our customers wonderful, fun solutions. It does mean the store and the artwork have taken quite a bit of a back seat, but it has been such a joy growing projects that I've hardly missed them. Speaking Of Some of the sections are dreadfully dusty and out of date. Please ignore the ancient items. So tragic...