Keeping busy!

Has it really been since April that I last posted? Work has been incredibly fast paced and busy lately, and in between I’ve just completed a move and some adventures in home improvement.

Moving is such an overwhelming activity. Keeping balanced and keeping up becomes so much more difficult. The walls are painted now. The curtains are hung. The art is up, and very importantly? The internet is working! Joy!

I also did something I’ve never done before. My apartment complex would not change out my socket for the utility room, so I was unable to plug in my dryer. Four prong plugs don’t fit well in three prong sockets. With the assistance of the internet, and some safety review via photography from electrical savvy coworkers, I replaced the cord on the dryer. The hardest part was pulling the dryer out from the wall and loosening all the screws. The actual wiring was pretty simple.

All this means is that, other than waiting for my dresser to arrive from the parental units domain so I can put away a pile of homeless clothing, I’m now able to get back to project concentration. And there was much rejoicing!